Knowing Why We Should Be Very Careful On The Internet

being careful online

The truth is we do not anymore pay much attention about the dangers of the internet these days Perhaps, this may be because the use of online websites, search platforms, and social media platforms have become so common these days to the extent that we no longer feel threatened about the potential risks the web exposes us to.

So why exactly do we have to be very careful when dealing with the internet? Do we really have to be careful or are we exaggerating things? Here are some of the many reasons why safety should be the first policy. These reasons are exactly why you need to know where to find a VPN in Malaysia or whatever country you live in.

You can get hacked online.

Online hackers are not news to us and dealing with some is never a pleasant experience. They have been on the headlines since the time internet came to rise. This, however, does not make them any less dangerous. In fact, online hackers today are getting more and more creative and innovative when it  comes to obtaining access of social media as well as financial or bank accounts.

You might have stalkers.

Just because no one’s messaging you privately does not mean that no one’s checking you out online. You will never really know whether or not you have your own stalkers lurking in the internet. Stalkers have been rampant especially with the rise of social media platforms as it makes it easier for them to know their targets more.

Hence, you must be very careful in what you post online so as to not give them the opportunity to track you or get to know you more than they should. Perhaps, posting about your favorite books to read is fine but posting about your house number is a big no-no.

posts on social media

Your posts may spark controversies.

People will only be able to read your post, they cannot hear the tone of your voice. Hence, your posts are very susceptible of getting misunderstood. And when it does, people can easily share and pass it around others who may, as well, misunderstand your points. The result will be your post going viral with tons of bashful comments targeted against you. This may be among your friends, family, and even completely random strangers.

Your posts might affect your career.

There are companies who check out their employees’ online appearances and reputation and so, it is very important to maintain a clean slate online as this might be dictate the failure or success of your career.

Anyone can save or copy whatever you post.

Your pictures, poems, and whatever personal pieces you post online can easily be saved and copied by strangers without giving you enough credit. Unfortunately, that is how the internet world usually works these days.

Deleted posts can still be retrieved.

Just because you have deleted photos and other posts from your account does not mean they are totally gone from the internet. There is a great possibility that these posts may still be retrieved whenever necessary. Hence, you should be very wary of whatever you post as these might bring in terrible consequences in the future.



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