Toggle between GeForce2 GTS and Voodoo5 5500

I was primarily interested in two things when I first thought of doing a comparison of images rendered between a GeForce2 GTS and a Voodoo5 5500. The game Giants feature a number of graphical features that promises to deliver top-notch graphics. This page attempts to show the differences the two video cards make in Giants.

First of all, I will show you the option screens in the game as available in either video cards’ cases :

GeForce2 GTS


 Voodoo5 5500 nv_options1

Now, the individual tweak settings for each card via their Display Properties :

GeForce2 GTS
Default settings were used under its “Direct3D Options” except that :

  • 2×2 FSAA (slider Position 3) was used

Voodoo5 5500
Default settings were used under its “Advanced Features/Direct3D” except that :

  • 4-sample FSAA used
  • 3D Filter Quality set to “High”
  • Alpha Blending set to “Sharper”
  • Geometry Assist was “Enabled” (this actually enables “Direct3D T&L” option in the game)
  • Level-Of-Detail Bias set to “-2”
  • Mipmap Dithering was “Enabled”

The above settings for each card was configured to give the best image quality that each card can be tweaked to provide. I felt that this would make things more “realistic” since we want the best image quality each card can muster. I was also actually “forced” to choose 640×480 since I really wanted to show the effect FSAA can have in the game and going higher than 640×480 was unacceptably slow on either card. This is a decision I made since I am really impressed by the improvements FSAA made to the game – both in the case of the GeForce2 as well as the Voodoo5. Obviously, FSAA is a very subjective feature where some may find it an essential feature and is willing to lower resolutions in order to have FSAA enabled with playable framerates while others simply don’t give a rat’s ass about FSAA and will forever opt for ever higher resolutions.

Now, on to the actual comparison! Click right here and a new window will appear. Wait for the images to fully load in the gray box. I strongly suggest that you change your desktop resolution temporarily to no more than 800×600 since this will more or less emulate full-screen as it appears in-game. The new window will contain a Java applet where you are able to toggle between two screenshots :

(1) Default screenshot is that taken on a 3dfx Voodoo5 5500
(2) Move your cursor over the image and you will see a screenshot taken on a NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS

I will leave it to you guys to determine which looks better . Additionally you will also be able to see real-time framerates being displayed in both shots.

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